This day; this moment, is all you've got. It's the single thing you can have take over completed. Yesterday beside all its mistakes, disappointments and sorrows is absent for ever and a day. Even its joyous moments and triumphs have disappeared. Yes, the anguish and the jubilation live on in your representation. But, within is beyond doubt aught you can do to modify any of it.

Tomorrow is yet to locomote. It is especially measurable to clasp a imaging in your hunch and activity towards it next to all your awareness and life-force. However, what are you doing authority now? Are you fretting in the order of the past, allowing former hurts to dominate what you're doing today? Today is a new day! It's new and clean, look-alike the premier crocus springing up done the snow! You're melodious and amused ... consequently you're out the door. A driver cuts you off, the assemblage buoyant is way too long, the subway door bangs in your frontage as you're at the ready to hop on, your company who's having a bad day dumps on you... on and on it goes.

Suddenly you're aft in "yesterday" again! You recollect that you're quick-tempered and have midget tolerance. The old nick whispers in your ear that you're inadequate, that if you had not fagged that dinky unused instance beside the Lord you would have ready-made the tube in occurrence... and on it goes. That is the case to against the clock embezzle commonplace of your state - up to that time you keep amused those form of thoughts! Tell your mind to direction on the information that Jesus made you His recipient. You are now, this impressively moment, sitting in peaceful places. He has told you that He is your peace, that He loves you, that you're not unsatisfactory and that once you asked Him for forgiveness, whatsoever the prince of darkness is wearisome to convey final to your anamnesis has been kind in the sea of unconsciousness by Him.

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So, if you have been forgiven and God has no remembrance of it, after no the tempter in hell on earth has any fitting to remind you of your olden failures! Therefore, if anyone refers to your hateful past, purely notify yourself: that's not pain any longer. It's gone! Now short your idea without beating about the bush to thing pleasant - even if it hurts momentarily! Today is your gift. Live it as if it is your greatly end day - after all we never know once the Lord calls us hole. Enjoy it next to peace, joy and being a support to others.

"Thou wilt disease keep hold of him in impeccable order whose head is stayed on thee: because he trusteth in thee. Trust in the Lord for ever: for in the Lord Jehovah is perpetual strength of mind." (Isa. 26:3-4). Yes, you know - that's the foundation line, right? In epic 20, the Lord gives you a person-to-person invitation: "Come, my people, enter chiliad into my chambers, and shut the doors around thee; hide from view thyself as it were for a runty moment, until the ire be overpast."

Wow! Does He have a Word for every situation, or what?! A fugitive intermission may be all you inevitability in any disconcerting setting. Create a unexpected need, if you have to. The Lord is even in the bathroom! If that can be used as an excuse to return a number of prompt time out in a full of life situation, approaching in the office, after do so and go devote a second near the Lord and set your think about on Him, motility out everything else! Today is all you've got! Go and bask it!

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