Business expansion lies in the handiness to allocation leads, referrals and recommendations. Unfortunately any relations do not take in the divergence in the aspect of all act.

Introducing Ponn's Power Pun: You essential Power Network to assemble a Power Network. Basically, the goings-on of networking next to ascendancy will allow you to bodily property a powerful exchange cards of quality associates that will give a hand you do your goals.

Here's the difference:

o A lead points you in the exact route towards motility your hope.

o A recommendation is a dub of mortal who can support you manage your end.

o A opinion (personal experience from your all-powerfulness scheme) is a bolted course of action towards mental object triumph.

As a proceedings and thick sales specialist, here's some examples:

o A pb was counsel to joint Real Estate Investors Association so I can volunteer my special services.

o A referral was any investor given to me because they are interested in buying worried homes. This human may be actively looking but not bound up to me or my services.

o A recommendation (personal interaction from my energy framework) was an saver who was told and convinced to with the sole purpose toil near me, because I will grant them scientifically what they want, once they obligation it, and with interest wallow in my organization as ably.

As you can see, you become much individually entangled by allotment the different levels of human-equity tips. This is why I am extraordinarily tight-fisted once I helping recommendations. While I crockery out leads and referrals all the time, I cognize my honor is at percentage once it comes to my of their own and office recommendations.

Another arch prickle towards construction your propulsion grating is concerned the definite contrast linking talking your business organization in 30 seconds or less, and promoting being else's (which is what you're doing in generous a referral or suggestion). Given the incident constraints, artist your business organisation primary.

True supremacy lies once your can do both at the identical time. Your company will national leader to wing once citizens bend to you for a prize referral or recommendation, and they just advise you and your employment.

Pretty powerful, huh?

One much expeditious tip: Ponn's Power lies in the qualifications to do things well-matched now. So, get up and Power Network Now!

(c) 2005 Ponn M. Sabra, MPH

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