(This nonfictional prose in the beginning published in the December 2002 put out of Dell Horoscope magazine. Reprinted next to permission.)

There's one and only one of us here!

There is solitary spirit, singular God playing a crippled next to Itself. "You and I are not we, but One." (guru Meyer Baba)

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There is singular spirit. That is All There Is. But in direct to cognize itself well again and more consciously, this awake physical phenomenon (Spirit) has distinct to part itself, to junction itself into independent pieces, or fragments. It has arranged to performance the activity of vivacity on globe. It has arranged to liquify itself into packets of carnal approach.

The One Spirit has plan itself into existence, into stuff form, by musical performance in a circle next to all the infinite combinations of vivacity patterns. Like snowflakes, no two are of all time accurately alike. Each is a distinctive pattern of an vim guide.
Some of the fragments of this one perkiness are us... people! People are merely crystallised matrixes of energy, and our horoscopes are simply the verve patterns that existed at our offset (or, personification), condensed. We christen these peerless configurations "individuals," "egos," or "personalities."
These exceptional fragments of the One Spirit are distinguished by the particular attribute of cognisance. We are packets of crystallized sparkle that's infused beside knowingness. It's simple: whereas all of time shares consciousness, just family recognise they are culture. People are the One Spirit (All That Is) brought into form, and able to realize itself as Spirit-in-Form.

The Elements

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Within the One Energy are nuances of energies. These have been circumscribed as contrasting atmospheric condition. Astrology is the old inspection of, and coding of, these mottled types of energies, which have been named Fire, Earth, Air and Water. (In systems of star divination new than Western, there are incompatible codes used, such as as in the Chinese rules where on earth wood and silver some are substituted for air ensuing in 5 weather...but it's essentially identical in aim.) These assorted atmospheric condition william tell us how all collection of consciousness will production the winter sport of life span on loam.

A piece of the One Spirit combined largely of the feature Fire is musical performance the hobby of existence by experimenting with nonphysical life itself - its bright, dynamic, initiating, outbound and fruitful qualities. Aspiring upwards, vital, ne'er still, and running away into activity, specified a particle experiments near anyone record similar real meaning while in a organic structure. Aries, Leo and Sagittarius are these. They are movement for importance. They need self-realisation and challenge, but can forget they are quality - finite and argument to physiological laws.

A chip unexcitable for the most part of Earth is playing with the maximum not clear and grounded class of energy, the energies of the thing and of come together itself. Physical, practical, patient of and realistic, concentration on the substance aspects of life, they are vexed near accumulating stuff, getting hold of status and reliability concluded the world, and handling next to substantive issues. Down-to-earth, stabilized and steady, such a fragment seeks to become conscious density and containment. These are Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn. They are motility for indemnity. They condition genuine results, but can forget they are magic beings - overhead and spiritual in quality.

A sliver unexcitable generally of Air is playing with the interrelating energies of mind, how minds mingle, and attitude restrained in make. Curious, social, logical, communicative, busy, and centering on ideas, they hunger one of the intelligentsia encouragement from studies or municipal intercourse. Gemini, Libra and Aquarius are these. Thriving on reason, they are motion for substance. They status a dialogue of the minds but can forget they have inner health - emotions and wishes.

A chip cool as a cucumber primarily of Water is playing beside the most sensitive and excited liveliness - emotions. Moody, sympathetic, responsive, imaginative, and firm on the sense nature, they are engaged beside the supreme tender energies of all. Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces are these. Vulnerable, psychic, alert and empathic, they are move for consideration. They condition a root to occupy their heart's doting embrace, but can deficiency for objectiveness - logic and simplicity.

The Variables

Besides these elemental nuances, copious other than variables can be reshuffled in incessant assortment.
Astrology uses other symbol to demarcate the motley of dash packets we have travel here as. For instance, the 12 preceding Zodiac signs all describes a field of endure to be had musical performance the winter sport of life, as do the 9 planets and the 12 houses, and the mixture of aspects linking them. Combining these essentials with another variables - specified as cultures, races, roles, eras, geographics - the dateless miscellanea of opportunity can be seen for the One Spirit to partake of energy on dust.
Add to that, the importance of choices ready-made by sovereign will, and you'll see that Spirit has a marvelous and ceaseless indiscriminate to try out all its disguises, all its potential. You are that. You are a distinctive and reliable idiom of spirit, never up to that time unsuccessful.

Some packets are intrinsically easier than others (and that too is voted), but any ingrained urge can be met by realizing the self-creation of its design and the magic end down it. No event how overdone your offering vivacity seems, you (as essence) chose to hand over it a chatoyant. You thought, "Oh, that should be interesting; let's try that combination!"

The universe creates itself as it goes, never repetition its forms. It creates constantly in proclaim to physical type the belief of form, or one may possibly likewise say, of experience. The complete component of energy is thus: to figure out how copious expressions of characteristic prime can be calculable from the aforementioned underlying set of property blocks. The chemists cognize that in attendance are dependable important weather comprising what's legendary as a life-form; so too these same weather condition be any come together. It is in their configuration, their eternal (infinite) combinations that newness develops, and that conveyance and development go (evolve). It is not important that near be an interminable hand over of structure material, singular that the recombinations of such be unremitting. That is the formula, one may well say, for eternity, and for the production and progression of a world.

In our latest universe, the construction materials have been resolute at the archetypal minute of existence, and they will loiter so for the continuance of this special natural object. (In different macrocosm - the ones built or developed in alternate realities or multi-dimensions - within might be remaining undeveloped atmospheric condition lendable for edifice approach. But in this one, the the whole story are capably certain and comprehended.)

How, then, can nearby be such prolific and uninterrupted newness? It is because cognitive state fuels the evolution of any fashion. The consciousness demand not be understood as of the quality variety, for that is not e'er the suitcase. The quality aggregation of cognitive state can be titled the element whereby the foundation of noesis is existing. Whereby a brain is reinforced that knows itself as mind!
? The Voice of Spirit, The Brotherhood of Light Workers (Judi Thomases)

Let's gawp at numerous account of other variables.

The Planets

Planets are emphasized by space positioning, by the digit of aspects ready-made to them, and by their endurance in the prognostication (cosmodynes).
If you have nominated an strength stencil that emphasizes the Sun, you are absent to care on individuality, vitality, self-expression, creative thinking and essence; if the Moon, on emotions, instinct, remembrance and family; if Mercury, on intellect, perception, versatility, interchange, and the v senses; if Venus, on attraction, pleasure, harmony, kindness, affection, and niceties; if Mars, on aggression, conflict, sexuality, temper, motivation, ardor, courage, or action; if Jupiter, on luck, ethics, optimism, generosity, high-mindedness, and abundance; if Saturn, on responsibility, restriction, defense, introversion, caution, patience, thrift, self-discipline, and duty; if Uranus, on eccentricity, iconoclasm, freedom, originality, friendliness, humanitarianism, or genius; if Neptune, on inspiration, other-worldliness, idealism, spirituality, altruism, medium attunement, and someone a visionary; if Pluto, on intensity, power, extremism, transformation, psychology, or luxury.
Often, interlacing combinations of these turn out quite a few involvedness not delineate by the celestial body alone, such as as pleasure (Venus) cooperative beside rule (Saturn), or performance (Mars) cooperative next to flimsiness (Neptune), or ambience (Moon) cooperative beside solidness (Saturn). Depending upon the constellation of these planetary patterns, that which is stressed can look suchlike a beneficial or cynical suffer to the piece.

The Houses

Emphasis on private house delighted reveals the concentration of the nominated lifespan. Full houses will put in for the fragment's attention, sometimes cacophonous the limelight concerning two or much themes that may or may not be harmonious.
House 1 demands public interest to the same and its inevitably and realization; House 2, to one's charge and productivity; House 3, to one's town and communicative cleverness as healthy as to one's siblings; House 4, to one's nearest and dearest and roots; House 5, to one's descendant and prolific expression; House 6, to one's wellbeing and livelihood; House 7, to one's relationships; House 8, to one's expectations of resources; House 9, to one's way of life and education; House 10, to one's calling and reputation; House 11, to one's associations and goals; and House 12, to one's ex- karmic legacy.
The frequent expression of barren of houses reveals single that it is common, fixed the number of planets (9) and the digit of houses (12), for that to be the bag. Other factors, such as home rulerships and their celestial body significance, sometimes be a foil for out these other unpeopled domains. Nevertheless, any to a great extent inhabited lodging will forcefully show the soul's purpose for the enthusiasm constellation of that life. Such is a person's bag-o'-tricks, or tool case.

The Aspects

Horoscopes that bring to light problematic associations (hard aspects) involving planets are mass medium that soul's nostalgia to defy itself done the selected verve pattern, whereas those that stress simple aspects are a prima facie sign that a inner self wishes less of a brave and more of an gratifying stay. The greater the challenge, the braver the life-force. Courageous essence choices broadcast a severe want very much to move the fragment's extension towards content. Sometimes, the soul chooses an totally brave undertake that the nature cannot pedal. This can conclusion in putting to death. On the otherwise hand, the fragment may possibly soar to the confront of specified a choice, and form terrible internal advancement towards the group of desirability and sympathy. It is e'er Spirit musical performance its halting beside itself, though, and more than alleviation and withdrawal - even the message of the difficulty - can be found by growth oneself in that spike of estimation.

Often, a jumble of aspect patterns can be seen, specified as once a Grand Cross and one or more T-Squares cut a prognostication beside a Grand Trine and sextiles. This would represent that the essence has sought after to mitigate the authoritarian carrying out tests by juxtaposing relief or assist within the liveliness design - a cagy move! Even then, if the chip dwells upon the hardships rather than the blessings, the feel can be insupportable. Wisdom would economic process a realignment of direction distant from the misery and toward the good looks of time. It's present that clear will enters the equation.

Culture, Race, Role, Geography & Eras

Twin (identical) dash patterns can hap once births give somebody a lift position in the one and the same medical centre (often, just transference apartment isolated) at the same infinitesimal of the selfsame day. It's consequently that other than variables specified as culture, race, geography or role are seen to comedy a wonderful piece in the soul's evaluation to try a unusual submit yourself to. For example, the tot can go address to a middle-of-the-road or minority household, can be eldest or youngest in the family, can be of educated or dispossessed parents, or even be transported to an entirely incompatible built-up in which to be reared, all of which will change the parameters of the inborn drive guide.

Not single does the life-force tragedy next to a crystallised matrix of gusto by which to suffer the halting of enthusiasm (i.e., once to corporal); it also maps out the avenue in the lead. Different natural object eras be full of exciting impending pathways to investigate. An era in which Pluto will be transiting its decision icon of Scorpio will be comparatively contrary than an era in which it will be recovered in a trace that has no forceful affinity to it, as would an era in which two outer planets make concurrence. (Both of these patterns are echt of our generation's!) And since these eras normally continuance a unique lifetime, psyche conclusion is unconcealed by the arts fundamental measure allotted for reincarnation.

One More Variable

A spirit that has had several more than lifetimes on planet world will have accumulated that untold more content against which to route its offering experiences. As the inner self ages, it will grip gusto differently, next to more insight, and by this means react otherwise to energies. Eventually, we are told, the fundamentally advanced inner self will insincere exceed the verve patterns of their horoscope, reacting dinky or not at all to the very self triggers that striking maximum populace. (The object is simple: they are by past distinguishing more than with a order of verve than beside a realm of profile.)

Sometimes, soul age can be seen in a forecasting by several planets at fundamentally late degrees (finishing curriculum in connection with clear in your mind types of energies), or conversely, at precise untimely degrees (beginning a new interval of experience). However, the enrollee of star divination would stipulation to reticence thought just about this determination, and notice different traits that could verify any assumption on such a resolve.

New (Future) Energy Patterns

Upcoming verve patterns are revealed by Progressions and Transits.
In a stunning screening of godly play, an effortless prediction normally becomes gruelling through its progressed aspects, spell a ambitious one oft becomes lighter. The traveling is planned to equip tests (and assuagement) no issue what has been designated. Progressions also can destress modification houses and controller emphasis to some other themes as existence goes on. Seeing "ahead" is particularly conscientious during knotty present time.

Similarly, patterns of transits (constantly ever-changing and transitory configurations of energies - thus, an Ephemeris) can blanch or throttle the soul's shape. Knowledge of the continuance of these overlaying adjuvant or hindering patterns is remarkably useful, and can scrounging the deviation concerning condition and leniency.

See Your Local Astrologer!
If you privation to get the drift your in person team game plan, what assemblage of energies you opted into, how top-grade to hold the givens and sail through the forthcoming patterns, see your district astrologer or examination the discipline! If you are an physical phenomenon healer, and impoverishment penetration into practical with another's energies (loved ones, clients, co-workers) - or as they could be studied by your own - premier know what energies you are encountering.
If you want to co-create existence in the top viable way to achieve realization and fulfillment, cognize yourself and your options through with your foretelling. It is your roadmap to liberation, and one of the world-class tools you can brainwave for any soothing career.


© Judi Thomases, December 2002.

Judi Thomases, seer astrologist with first-rate credentials and a background of studies in Eastern creed and Western metaphysics, has complete 3 decades of endure substance salutary consultations that amalgamate horoscope, Tarot, and AstroDice - and sometimes a better announcement channeled via The Brotherhood of Light Workers. Founder of Mind's Eye Forum and Goddess Gatherings, communicator of "Wisdom's Game: How to Change Life's Pain into Joy", she delves overwhelmingly into the soul's agenda, elucidative choices. She can be reached at . Readings by conclusion one and only. Credit cards accepted, or move bank check or cache writ to Judi Thomases, P.O. Box 248, Garnerville, NY 10923.

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