The Dusit Thani Hotel Bangkok, at the crossroads of Rama IV and Silom Roads, overlooks the full of life Saladaeng t-junction and Lumphini Park beyond, its aflame column at the steeple flaming suchlike a wizard baton in the nighttime.

There's a entity temptingness to the dub Dusit Thani. In astrology, the Sun, Moon and the cardinal planets noticeable to the unclothed eye, Mercury Venus Mars Jupiter and Saturn are referred to as idyllic bodies. "Dusit" in Thai is the 4th part and "thani" a borough.

The construct of Dusit Thani, the inner-city in the fourth heaven, was propounded by King Rama VI in 1918 as an wonderful homeland of human fit being, a standard borough of state and brightness.

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The yore of the building dates backmost to 1949 once Thanpuying Chainut Piyaoui started the oldest hotel in Charoen Krung Road called the Princess Hotel beside a debt from her parents.

From this docile origin, she set her sights to refine the five-star Dusit Thani Hotel in Rama IV Road in the 1960s. Her daydream was realized near the august introductory of the building in 1970. Back then, it was the lone skyscraper in the neighborhood. This budge was to lay the foundations for increase of the database of Dusit hotels in the adjacent four decades.

The Dusit Thani Hotel is placed in an territory that's wealthy in earlier period and majestic convention that's as well related to King Rama VI. At the curved shape of the 20th century, the about piece was stately landscape named Saladaeng.

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The home got its describe from the red roofed collapsible shelter (sala daeng) of the steam engine station. The facility was component part of the Parknam Line, a Belgian-Danish shared venture, which operated Thailand's prototypal railway line from 1893 - 1959 linking Bangkok to the river oral cavity (park nam) where the ships were anchored.

When King Rama V died in 1910, his son King Rama VI set up Chulalongkorn University, the first and major university in Thailand, in recall of his male parent. Part of Saladaeng was allocated for the field.

In 1925, King Rama VI made a more gift of Saladaeng to be a exoteric piece of land. This parcel of land is the endless Lumphini Park, called after the outset forte of Buddha, Lumbini in Nepal. The King Rama VI Monument tiered seats at the revenue to Lumphini Park fitting decussate the avenue from the Dusit Thani Hotel.

The overland on which the Dusit Thani Hotel, Bangkok stand was erstwhile the setting of a nobleman's house.

In 1987 the Dusit crew expanded gone Bangkok to other than environment of Thailand by establishing Dusit hotels in Chiang Mai (1991) Chiang Rai (1991), Hua Hin (1989), Pattaya (1987) and Phuket (1987).

The delivery has also ventured into boutique hotels beside the D2hotel in Chiang Mai.

In conformation near its origins, the Princess ridicule was resuscitated in 1989 with the propulsion of the Royal Princess Hotels, v of which are in Bangkok:

Bel-Aire Princess Sukhumvit

Grand China Princess

Pathumwan Princess

Royal Princess Larn Luang

Royal Princess Srinakarin

The opposite Princess hotels in the index are in Chiang Mai, Khon Kaen, Korat, Ranong and Koh Chang (to be accomplished in 2007)

Frequent company used to with Bangkok will bear in mind the Pathumwan Princess in Mah Boon Krong Centre and the Grand China Princess in Chinatown.

By 1991, the Dusit procession went out of Thailand into the sophisticated building country beside Dusit hotels in Balikpapan Indonesia (1994), Dusit Mangga Dua Jakarta (1994), Dusit Hotel Nikko Manila (1995), Dusit Inya Lake Resort Yanggon and Dusit Dubai (2001).

For her contributions to tourism, Chainut Piyaoui was awarded the gentle headline Thanpuying, the matchless royal ruche awarded to women. Officially called Knight Grand Commander (Second class, better category) of the Most Illustrious Order of Chula Chom Klao, this description was bestowed upon her by His Majesty the King on the 53rd anniversary of Coronation Day on 5 May 2000.

Over cardinal decades next to Thanpuying Chainut Piyaoui as Chairperson and Managing Director, the Princess has mature into the thing Dusit Thani Hotel Bangkok which in upturned has sprouted 20 hotels in Thailand and the locality - a deed in individual undertaking.

The Dusit Thani Hotel Bangkok turned 36 in 2006. Despite new skyscrapers around, the built-up in the fourth shangri-la lees the ascendant sign in the Saladaeng place.

Down down below the metro rumbles into the Silom facility of late by the squad exit to the hotel. High above Silom Road, the skytrain glides into the installation competently named Saladaeng. The heritage of the red roofed marquee lives on.

The heads the database of an old district remembered for its canals, windmills and communications to nobility.

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