It's a scene that the ranks of Star Wars firm have sworn to memory: Luke Skywalker, unfree by a malevolent Darth Vader, clings to a lean railing, lifeless on for loved vivacity - and the in store of the Rebellion - preceding a bottomless descent into the Cloud City. Vader delivers the acquainted with line, "No - I am your father," and Luke offers his ruined response: "That's not true! That's impossible!" The haggle is a name tick in motion picture history.

But in this version, the Sith Lord has more beans to slop. "And the Empire will be subjugated by ewoks," Vader tells his flabbergasted offspring. "And the force?" he continues: "Well, that's freshly a research bacterium in your blood." By now, the once-feuding set of two is restful done a cup of potable. This is all too much for Luke, this fraternizing with the enemy. "If you're not going to appropriate this seriously, I'm effort out of here," he says to Vader, and stalks off in frustration.

So goes the familiar country in the world of "Robot Chicken," a stop-motion enlivened TV string that affectedness on Comedy Central. Many of the series' fans, though, cognize it finished other source: the net. Video-hosting Web sites like-minded Google Video and YouTube have seen their popularity take off over the ago year, and this quality has started - in its own crawl way - to modernize the way people want out their entertainment. If Google's recent one-billion-dollar acquisition of YouTube wasn't support enough, then the internet itself offers plentitude of proof of the increasing phenomenon. A growing numeral of blogs next to defamation resembling "" and "Best on Google Video" clean finished the tens of zillions of videos denote on the video-hosting sites to discovery the gems - terse clips like the segments from "Robot Chicken" - and are attracting a increasing viewers online.

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The little length, the accessibility, the rank abundance of slapstick comedian picture clips on the net all supply the development a match to an previously recreation revolution: the jukebox. Just as serviceable group in the region of the province flocked to see the most modern slapstick comedies on hand-cranked, individualised film-viewing devices at the break of day of cinema, so do large indefinite quantity of population scour the net nowadays for the edgiest, most madcap wittiness. What they're finding at sites like and Best on Google Video represents purely the tip of the internet's incalculable berg of comedic videos - and that berg grows all day.

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