Picture the scene. Anthony pops trailing to the guardhouse, moderately because he wants a interlude next to the lads, but as well because he has a woe. Cleopatra says she requirements to go swimming in ass's beverage. So Anthony tells the guys in the guardhouse, that he requirements one serve. "The better half desires to go in swimming in ass's potable now." He says.

Gerald, the Head Guard, says, "She wants to what?" "Bathe in ass's milk", says Anthony, "You know what these women are similar to - she's read it on whatsoever tablets of seed somewhere - it's professed to be neat for her complexion".

"So how are you active to category that out then," says Gerald, "Are you active to get person to jet it concluded her or something?" Anthony thinks something like it and says, "No, that won't do, she requests to steep in it. She wants a 'bath'."

"What's a 'bath' later..", says the Gerald. "It's a big thing you get into that's awash of the ass's drink - and later you lie fluff in it," says Anthony.

"What do you want to do that for then..?" asks one of the new guards, a vulnerable lad genuinely.

"So you can get shampoo all completed and rest in it - let the ass's potable do it's job." Says Anthony, wearisome to stable as if it makes cognizance. "Oh, within your rights past.." Says the Head Guard.

"Nah, I don't cognise where on earth you'll get one of them."

Anthony goes on his way, this juncture stopping at the stonemason's yard, rational all of a sudden, those big stones we shape, all we stipulation to do is to impression on out and that will do.

So he starts a spoken communication with the Head Stonemason, Steve.

"Can you do me a 'bath'", he says. "What's one of them, then?", the instead busy artificer says. "It's a big piece you get into and lie in, chockful of hot fluid. It's quiet." Anthony says, superficial smaller number and smaller amount persuasive all event. "You can do it, beside this material you're feature up all day, it'll be a breeze". "Nah, mate," says Steve, "This ram is sandstone, it won't seize the liquid".

Disappointed, but losing a bit of interest, Anthony moves on in his pursuance.

But it starts the mason intelligent - he has a bit of spare batholite out the rear of the shed, so done the adjacent few days, he does a bit if chiseling and sees what he can do.

A hebdomad the pursuing Friday, he gives old Anthony a yell and shows him his career. "Brilliant", says Anthony - let's get it installed, she'll be having her nails finished all daytime. "Let's get those asses milked too", he shouts to his PA.

Later that afternoon, Cleopatra has a big gobsmack and vehemently clambers into the new plutonic rock bath, chock-a-block with warmed asses beverage and she is in seventh paradise.

Bet you're questioning what the just of the narrative is eh?

Well, in our unremarkable job, we are faced with stacks of runty challenges. New hitches to challenge out. And they create us swelling and anger. Yet, similar to the stone mason, Steve, we have society on all sides us who, larboard to their own devices and interested sufficient in the challenge, will kind material possession out - in their own way and in their own juncture.

It's as literal today as it was once Anthony and Cleopatra were in circles.

There is a postscript to this. Two days latter the artificer is called up to the new 'bath' area. Cleopatra was elated to see him and thanked him for his exceptional drudgery but asked, discreetly, if he could transport his work limestone up with him subsequent.

"The bath is great, but I have a runty nuisance. There's thing exactly in the lowermost alcove that is a shrimpy rugged - in fact, she said, it's a bit of a symptom in the ass."

Knowingly, the journeyman vanished the bathroom for his tools. "I know, I know" he said, "We get them all the case." And he smiled a petite facial expression as he fitted out to touch a resist of a more delicate spirit.

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