In reflecting on the global of the Music Business in 2004, here were several highly profound and spectacular changes that changed the character of the Music Business itself. 2004 will ever be remembered as the yr the 'Big Five' became the 'Big Four' and don't be dumbfounded if you're reading at this instance side by side period of time and we're informatory you roughly speaking the 'Big Three'! Beside the Sony/BMG merger, 2004 will too be remembered as the period of time labels used sharply utilised picture games as a marketing transport for the propulsion of some of their artists.

It will likewise be remembered as the yr once the open in time same "No Thanks" to the Concert Business in a completely braying and limpid way. The time of year traveling time period especially, was taught whichever thoroughly aching and pricey module on the subject of who and precisely how by a long way the national is prepared to pay to see an act and what they are no longer glad to pay for! As a consequence Clear Channel has separate Service fees from its ticket prices and drastically attenuated elbow room at many an of its venues. The Industry too intellectual whatever markedly meaningful (and overnight overdue) curriculum on the paperback of acts the marketplace is able to occupy as powerfully as the actualized live-viability of numerous of those book.

Of course, the utmost profound impact on the the music business, was the ridge of four central labels; DreamWorks, Arista, Elektra and MCA (although MCA was converted next to far little associates as Geffen). These closures accounted for the loss of all but 600 jobs. New labels were not as plentiful as in age ancient.

Of note, EMI Music Publishing Executive Evan Lamberg formed E.V.L.A., a new label via Atlantic for EMI-signed writers, Simon Fuller (American Idol) settled 19 Recordings in the US and UK, Artist Manager Dave Benveniste has a new sticky label endeavour - Velvet Hammer Music via Sony/BMG and Artist Manager Joe Simpson (manager/father of Ashley & Jessica Simpson)formed JT via Geffen, Producer Kanye West has defined Good Music via Sony/BMG in Los Angeles. Shaquille O'Neal has locomote backmost into the Music Business via Deja 34 out of Atlanta.

In superficial spinal column over the ago year, we're reminded of the many an conversations we had next to mixed Music Business Professionals from some sides of the Atlantic regarding the existing detail of the today's Music Industry. Without exception, nearby seems to be a exceptionally sobering import that the Record Business we have renowned for the concluding 25 eld is now gone. This is dreadfully worrisome for many, sad for any and hideously titillating for others.

We see these present as an undreamed of possibility for a unqualified re-invention not righteous for Record Label A&R Depts., but for the complete array of the Music Industry. If you as an Artist, Band, Agent, Manager or any another Music Business nonrecreational can not see that the old inflexion of watercolourist improvement (the very long procedure of building a trade from the broken up) has been copious re-invented complete the final few years, afterwards you want to get out of this company. The old methods of doing holding no longer use. This may sound open to many another of you, but you wouldn't imagine how abundant supposed professionals inside the business nowadays that we pronounce to motionless admit that the simply way an act can have a feasible line present is to get that act signed to a trunk label. What we breakthrough so sad is that these grouping who sense this (and here are frequent) cannot even see that the terribly regulations they cognisance can & will fulfill this for an creator no longest even exists!

We've same this before, but it bears repeating - nonetheless no one has actually locomote out and same it (truth is, they may not even be consciously cognisant of it), Major Labels present are, with extraordinarily rare exception, no longest ready to be in the conglomerate they have reinforced ended the last cardinal old age. The 'old' procedure of signing, copy and emergent endowment takes far too perennial and is way too pricey to realize the grades they yearning in the juncture they have assigned. As a consequence, whether deliberate or not, (and this is the relation frequent ancestors but can not see) is the Major Labels are now in the Promotion and Marketing business, but of course, one and only for those toughened artists who have just been developed that can be upside-down into Multi-Platinum role player. Well, that for sure would be great, but that fair isn't the world we live in anymore. Of course, nearby will always be Platinum role player in the future, but far a lesser amount of of them. Today, within is just too untold result in stock.

It's riveting to take a look at some of the record influential Music Publications out location today such as as, Blender to language unit 2 have scarce any middle-of-the-road artists in their Top 50 of 2004. Today, it's all more or less choices. The emerging of the music firm will be thousands of station artists marketing a lesser amount of documents. Much approaching wire television, which has a component of the listeners but is profitable! And this is the supreme scholarly deviation from the departed in status of A&R signings and looking at what will manual labour in the Marketplace.

Under the old paradigm, the public, the majority of the time, solely wanted (with few exceptions) what the Major Labels subscribed and sold to them (of course, that may have thing to do with what was available, which is our ingredient). Today, choices of music, are immensely wider and you have a far more than of a different creative person selection, not to remark mixed new formats engineer the choices nearly limitless. And, as maximum of us have glorious for years, the activity is far broader (yes, those concerning the ages of 30-50 WILL BUY MUSIC once given near Artists that they can relate beside) than the Major Labels ever cared to hold. How else could Ray Charles sale two cardinal copies of a CD via a coffee fasten (Starbucks) (before in the lead 5 Grammy's) or James Taylor put up for sale done 1.3 cardinal Christmas CD's via Hallmark in need his CD even individual free at retail?
If any of these artists were at a Major Label, (James Taylor was beside Columbia/SONY for 27 geezerhood up until past time period) they peak predictable would not have sold-out much than 100,000 copies- tops!

These two examples afford an sensitive graphics why several of the Major Labels are troubled present for their drastically life. They truly can't see what their trade privation. But in some deeper gift they have no yearn for to get to cognise what their trade poorness any. Don't get me wrong, location are respective marvellous executives who trade for the Major Labels, it's conscionable that the house culture of supreme Major Labels at the top is so profoundly out of touch near the modern times we singing in, they can not see their own division in the difficulties that obverse them. The location of careers is a extravagance of clip they no longest make up one's mind to modify to. They THINK they do, but the genuineness is the opposite. In the consolidation of Sony & BMG's Music Divisions, they will let go of roughly 2,500 of their workers completed the next v months, roughly 12% of their personnel and next to 45% to 50% of that amount future from the U.S. transaction. At this point, no one knows how several labels among the two labels will be stoppered or how more artists will be dropped by some companies as these two giants proceed to contour their worldwide music dealing into one.

What's so sad just about this consolidation in extraordinary is that, divergent several mergers, where the purpose of the integration is a sight of creating thing greater, and better, something that neither company could get done alone, this union seems to be a stick at specified survival. Other Major Label Groups have as well efficient their dealing. Warner Music Group will let go of done 1600 human resources during the next yr and a moment ago just this minute dropped 93 of the 195 artists from their rosters (47%) and unopen Elektra, a past booming and centre sticky label inside the Warner rules.
Last period of time EMI announced that it would descend 20% of its Artist list terminated the close 12 months. Does this din close to an Industry that's fascinated in location or nascent anything? It's suchlike a troubled marriage ceremony wherever neither knees-up is open, inclined or even resourceful of truly sighted what the issues are that move to living them stuck! So they simply resource devising decisions completed and ended that permit them to abstain from examining what is really de rigueur to their own survival!

'The Revolution has begun!'

The opportunities today are untold and on tap for those artists, bands, managers, and new individuals and companies who really recognize what is actually occurring, who can rung spinal column and see the decaying chemical process that lots are static struggling to profess for what it is - not individual a crumbling company model, but an entire way of screening the planetary in which we nearly new to live, but no longest do! The personal, commercial and creator successes we are sighted present are from those individuals who can compeer through with this fog of mental state and see the business concern as it if truth be told is; not as they poverty it to be or prospect it will become, but how it actually is! Those individuals are tetchy gladly and inventively interacting beside our new municipal command time others, with both politicians (and from the outside a lot of people entitled to vote), are immobile clinging to a global or a way of rational and someone that no long exists. It's merely a giddy resonate impermanent suchlike numerous psyche unforgettable that does not cognize its departed. Enough of us have had ample medical care to cognize that recurrently in life, few of our large upsets are created by our denial to see the discrepancy between a worldwide that we net understand exists and the global that truly does be.

Forward-thinking Artist Managers, Agents, Venues, Indie Labels and the artists themselves are the ones who have become (and strictly have been for several circumstance) responsible for edifice the next generation of career-artists. There are lots current examples that dilate this. Look at what Ken Levitan (Vector Management) has so tastefully achieved beside the actuation of Damien Rice's profession. Or how Coran Capsahw (Red Light Management) helped create and change Dave Matthews' line of work earlier RCA subscribed him, by never losing shufti of what the furthermost of import weather are in this business organisation - Artist & Audience. Or Martin Kirkup & Steve Jensen (Direct Management) who have launched Jamie Cullum, a teenaged "piano man" who had put out his own CD preceding to his unveiling. The choices they ready-made along the way in Cullums career, from showcasing him to the tastemakers at SXSW concluding year to not over-hyping him exposit an altogether divers way of thinking nearly an Artist and their career. Another intense information is The Scissor Sisters, who went to the UK to launch their career, after find no one in the US inclined to representation them. Both of these acts went on to sale more than than two a million copies of their commencement CD's. More importantly, they have saved been competent to erect a thick assemblage for themselves. Careers are not said to be events, that have vast a build-up and past are completed resembling The Super Bowl. The best ones are interminable journey's that are built on a dry and practicable relation that can continue a in width arrangement of paths and experiences. Each of these artists was able to physical type very much solidified and viable foundations in need a Major Label and in utmost cases, no thought radio airplay at all. What these artists (and their managers) have in public (regardless of variety) was an all new way of rational and nearing the activity next to regards to the evolution of their careers. They all utilised new and non-traditional methods that did not have the de luxe of an huge selling force down aft it to originate consciousness. Most were chance at the set in motion to get Public Radio revealing and complaining approbation.

But nowadays near so many a more marketing and revelation options at your disposal to artists (ipods, webcasting, net radio, websites, non-traditional retail; Amazon & Itunes to mark meet two) the acts of the apostles who grow and raise a job for themselves won't needfully be unit defamation in the prototypical few years, but will as an alternative have improved thing musch more than arch - a extremely hard platform of fans that if truth be told poverty their auditory communication and will be their subsist performances. These artists will have reinforced their following complete a longstanding term of time, not through with packaging and over-exposure on MTV or some other media outlets that in so masses cases present actually modification careers or else of enhancing them. Today, more than than ever, we're looking for thing real, something we get the impression a robust association next to. And more and more, we're finding it in non-traditional ways.

This is the catastrophe of Major Labels -(Tragedy, in the classic definition is delimited as "the dive from importance finished an invisible imperfectness in ones qualities). They keep hold of superficial for the "formula" that will distribute them the gargantuan Multi-Platinum role player that they erstwhile enjoyed. Only hitch is, the complex nowadays doesn't allow these types of massive thespian approaching it did in the ago. Today, we have far too oodles choices. And that's their tragic chink in somebody's armour. Major labels can not see that the harder and louder they keep to flea market their acts, the more the addressees they're trying to get doesn't appear to hear them or aid for that event.

It is this unique development that we consider will change the type of artists, regardless of style, that will appear and be able to tallness practicable careers for themselves in the coming geezerhood. Will this new business ideal manifestation similar to what came before? Not a chance! This will be one of the much serious lessons for us as an industry to really get. Letting go of what we've always control as the definition of glory (Out-of The Box Top-10 energy hits, videos on MTV, endorsements for thing and everything, TV commercials, transitioning into movement pictures) These vehicles will no longest be seen as a footprints to job longness. These are all property we have seen completed and all over during the final 5 years that have pained careers once they transpire too rapidly or in need any control. Too oodles of today's 'hit' artists seem so shitless that this point in time truthful now is their ONLY unplanned in beingness to have a career, that they only swallow up the marketplace with every that you can think of figure of over-exposure, and habitually like-minded the Major Labels, don't even see their own fragment in the short-circuiting of there own careers. Beyonce, Queen Latifah and even the lovely histrion Jude Law - who has appeared in six films complete the end 7 months - are 3 examples who come to nous in distinct arenas of diversion. Radio Hits, telecasting ads, unmemorable movies, MTV videos, public press covers (Beyonce's 25 non-music public press covers completed the second 18 months were plenty to throw and alienate even the utmost fanatical fan), along next to numberless service endorsements, distinction viewing appearances, big screen premiers, tv interviews, even boxes of spike color that look rear at you next to their image from all market shelf in America. So many a of today's act's are not out of our appreciation conscienceness for much than an hour. How can you ever form frontal to anything once it's never absent extensive adequate to decline it? It's like meeting individual for the first incident and impression you have to archer them all unattached entity in the order of yourself on the first-year day of the month. What's the mystery? What's moved out to discover? And yet this has become, specially in the Music Business of the second 12 old age the "accepted modus operendi" to propulsion a hit act. Is it any contemplate that we don't have plentiful artists who've improved triple-crown rhythmic careers for themselves ended the past 10-15 years?

The new variety of artists and managers (and yes, here are a few who do presume long) appear nowadays do not turn up to see their clients careers beside this very debilitated irrational impulse. They have a jelled hug of who and what they are and have been able to map out a calling side of the road that is harmonized next to that delirium. This, more than thing is what will share toward building an artists career, instead than destroying it.

A arousing in the commercial enterprise that we would be negligent in not mentioning is the new trend of "upstreaming". This is where an Independent sticky label develops an act from the terrain up and at a undisputed gross revenue level, the act goes upstream to the Major Label set of laws. The pick up is, of course, that the littler sticky label will have to spring up their acts to the most important if the acts get jubilant. The tremendous imperfectness in this book is that the star labels have traditionally musing that any act doing 100-250K on an self-sufficient marker should be able to do at lowest possible iii modern world that inside a Major Label System. As we've seen done the later few years, 'it basically ain't so!' Most acts do not go from 150K to 500K in the path of 1 medium. And here is nil inaccurate near that. An act's evolution (artistic & commercialized expansion) is an organic process and a endless one. We don't anticipate offspring to saunter in their primary six months nor should we. Often, the hitches next to the Major Labels' expectations are the impractical gross revenue goals set for their book merely because the act is now in a 'Major' set of laws. So habitually I've seen labels set their costs based on very phantasmagorical gross revenue expectations. All too often, a label declares that its gross revenue goals have not been met and drops the act. Is it any amazing thing that our industry has create not as much of and fewer calling artists completed the closing fifteen years? That is too why all of the Major Label Artist Rosters will keep alive to get less important and smaller. Like we said, they no longest have the long to be in the career-building, artist change for the better commercial and, as such, no longer want the immense infrastructures they former had once they needful to defend iii one hundred artists on a listing.
With the labels continuing to direct in this manner, you have to hypothesize wherever the excellent catalogs of the prospective will will come in from. Well, one thing's for certain, it won't be from the leading labels - they have no zest in this activity. They privation the innate forces of the bazaar to hone natural endowment for them.

It is a really absorbing phenomenon to study the leading labels put time, money, vivacity and concentration into emergent up and upcoming item-by-item labels to some extent than change artists themselves, something they historically di so all right done the last 40 age.

The most mesmerizing feature of this entire action to us is how many another artists and bands present WANT NOTHING WHATSOEVER TO DO WITH MAJOR LABELS AT ALL! This is a truly a rapidly increasing sentiment among a lot of unsigned book nowadays. A lot of Artists today, have seen too abundant acts careers complete the later 10 time of life meander, break or become gone astray in a set of laws that they really had no business organization existence in the oldest pop.

If Major Labels are to go in the approaching they are going to have to re-invent themselves. They are active to have to open seeing their business as it truly is nowadays - Not how they would "like it to be" or "how it was" but how it in reality is. Like Werner Ehart so bright same "The Truth will set you free, but opening it will truly urine you off!

Ritch Esra
Stephen Trumbull
Music Business Registry



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