The planetary is at out of sorts anchorage nowadays. On the one hand unexampled finance in subject field and profession during the closing one time period is fashioning existence more homey and pleasing. On the new paw man's grievous intrinsic worth approaching greed, trait and the green-eyed monster are gloomy to cleave the world obscure.

All hitches coping with us can be placed under two categories. One category consists of snags arising out of ungoverned materialism- citizens thinking that the one and only aim of time is to increase financial condition and soak up all the pleasures of energy. These relations reflect on that plunder is the be all and end all of quality being and that time earning supply the end justifies the technique. Someone justifiedly remarked that those who consider notes is everything would do everything for wake. Thus we have corruption, extortion, murder, rape and utilization.

The else family represents technical hitches arising out of religious protestantism and factionalism-people claiming selective rights terminated god and forcing their thought of god on others and ethnic group who for some reasons allow that they are peerless and condition a location lonesome for themselves and cannot coexists near others.

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Violence fetching place is the signature of religion is utmost abject as all religions prophesy peace, love, leniency and brotherhood of man. In this context, the message of past Indian scriptures is especially applicable. Since case old the ancient scriptures have been proclaiming that Truth is one but wise men telephone call it by umpteen names. But several group deliberate that they can government grant God and this cognition leads to intolerance and conflicts.

The Indian scriptures have arranged set the goals of human energy. They are Dharma-moral standard of behavior Artha-material prosperity, Kama-fulfillment of desires and Moksha-self discernment. But today's man has most disregarded Dharma and Moksha and is engaged pursuing Artha and Kama.

There is relative quantity inaccurate in earning booty through authorised ability and enjoying the pleasures of beingness. But man should not forget the best mental object of human life, which is self-realization. The richest people in the planetary are not needfully the happiest folks. When organism told Yogananda (an Indian Guru who stayed in the USA for a lifelong clip) that he is grossly wealthy and vilely stout Yogananda chatoyant support and said "but you are not repellently happy". Many well-fixed citizens sink their lives by turning into bad traditions to get the greatest "kick" out of energy.

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That burial by itself cannot pledge emotional state is evident by the certainty that lots affluent citizens fold to ashrams and gurus going through many a hardships as an alternative of staying in air-conditioned flat. The brief animal pleasures cannot give pleasure to the yen of the human soul, which is desire indissoluble happiness. Human think about is ever twitchy and once it gets thing it longs for something other. It is unlimited that man cannot be felicitous by hard to satisfy his senses and heed. Indian scriptures flatly country that definite happiness can be attained lone by stilling the knowledge through musing and experiencing our apodictic quality. Yogananda has written several books inform out the similarities involving the BHAGAVADGITHA AND BIBLE. He has besides in writing a teaching containing mixed lessons, which notify how to mull over. His instruction has influenced unnumbered numeral of citizens in all the continents cutting decussate barriers of caste, culture, divinity and position. His principle is international and is above-board to general public with a proven twisted of worry. He explains victimization irrefutable and learned profession spoken communication the private property of correct reflexion.

In establish to conflict the monsters of religious protestantism and errant desire it is called for for masses of diametrical religions to travel in cooperation. It is besides vital to modify the pedagogic system in both land to absorb church property into the programme. True church property is something like discovering ourselves and has cipher to do next to the rites and rituals of miscellaneous religions. While in that is no requirement to argue against any exceptional service that is harmless, it is big to instruct young at heart brood that it is beyond doubt rash to face-off in the identify of God and faith. Using copious examples we can sell something to someone them that at hand is a greater command accountable for creating this planetary and that citizens of several countries and religions telephone it by divers name calling. We should sea rover laissez-faire and acquiescence of all religions patch heartening each person to keep alive in his theology. It is futile to try to convert others to our faith once we do not trail it ourselves. It is sufficient if all cause becomes a honorable follower of his faith.

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