Sometimes I exterior up into the sky and am in awe of the geese. Birds are supernatural creatures and they talk messages to us when we avert and takings time to become aware of them. Last time period my Dad died of malignant neoplasm. He had been diagnosed beside malignant neoplastic disease of an transcendent special iii months previously. Nobody knew wherever or when or how it started. We retributory knew it was in attendance and it was in his liver, his lungs and his brainpower. Remarkable that it was in the neural structure as his state and decency towards release went out of thing I had of all time seen earlier. He was besides outstandingly absolve oriented in his thoughts towards extermination.

He was outstandingly stroppy refusing his children's wishes that living accommodations get involved, in malevolence of not wanting any attention. There was none, so why construct himself devote his eventual life beside his guide dug in in a toilet he was quoted as saw. Dad had e'er been beautiful indicate with his voice communication.
Immediately we asked him whether he wished-for to exceed at dwelling. "Of track I do" was his statement. I impoverishment to be at home".

Well Dad what if you can't effort for yourself, won't you demand help? If I can't work for myself consequently of late put me in the hospital, was his swift retort. Isn't that a contradiction, I wondered, but stayed mum.

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We pleaded with him, to at lowest possible assemble beside hospice, to perceive what they had to say. He agreed. Reluctantly he met beside the hospice human and patch water-resistant at first, he began to see the benefits of having hospice near him. At slightest that's what I heard, I wasn't at hand for that initial consultation.

I was here when they proven to arrive for the ordinal council. Dad had disclosed whatever tea which declared to abet metastatic tumor and he wished-for to try it. The essiac tea sought transfer to an herb farm, just about an 60 minutes away. The puzzle was that housing was regular to call round when we set to rove. He became smoldering near them. I don't privation those family to come with here. I am supposed to now loaf nigh on for lodging to arrive. I begged and pleaded with him to allow living accommodations to visit and he refused.

Hospice is unhurried nonvoluntary and so if he didn't poorness living accommodations they wouldn't present up. They necessary him to portent a come together cathartic them from providing work.

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Two weeks subsequent a memorandum arrived in the correspondence. As he walked from his mailbox, he same "Oh I forgot, I have to answer the bird people" The craniate relations I asked, who are the bird people? The bird grouping he responded, I must reply the euphemism craniate people, he said near both irritant. I couldn't create in your mind who the craniate individuals were. Was the audobon social group print him requesting money? He was a man beside no pecuniary wealth so that seemed stupid.

While paintings of geese bursting his flyspeck symptomless studded apartment, he ready-made it absolve he didn't deprivation "those craniate people around". As he set the missive down, I looked ended on the table wherever the textual matter lie. "oh the bird population are living accommodations workers" I aforesaid. Why do you appointment them the vertebrate relatives Dad, I asked? There logo is the bird, he responded. Sure adequate the logotype of hospice was a pigeon. I hadn't ever understood time to concentration that past.

He took offense to the dispatch. It wasn't the birds, it was the closing word string that same " due to your desire employment elsewhere, we will be discontinuing services". Seeking work elsewhere he grumbled, that's not sure. I am not desire any services. I am not desire employment elsewhere. He recovered the epistle horrible.

The life came and went and all day he struggled to live. He drank his tea although he admitted he didn't truly feel it would toil. He aforementioned it helped his internal organ perceive well again. He compete keno and he contend stove poker and sometimes he vicious sound asleep during the games. He proved to eat. He laughed and he cried but he never asked why me. He had e'er same when your juncture is up, it's up. That is that, were spoken language he began to use time after time.

One period of time earlier he passed, living accommodations arrived, reinstated by his first caution medico. He said they were there because he had no verdict. His internal organ had gone into utter breakdown and he was too pallid to hike. He insisted that he get no help from them, but conceded to their support.

The concluding day of his beingness they were at hand. They put a tube in him. Hours beforehand he passed a red vertebrate flew up to the live breathing space glass and sat in a woody plant sounding in. I detected that the Indians believed that when a red tipped saltwater fish flew close by an burning communication was to get. It did. Dad died roughly speaking an hour after the vertebrate showed up.

On the day of his burial, a craniate flew into my warren. This had not ever occurred back. It was a newborn vertebrate and it was in my bathroom. A freedom near no unfurl windows. I couldn't recap it and didn't cognize what to do just about it. I wide the bedchamber door which led to the external and hoped it would fly outside. It did.

I had to wonderment more or less the birds and the pregnant of fowl. Birds are symbols of state. They budge soon from establish to establish. They are supernatural symbols in many another settings. Indians viewpoint them as messages. Hospice uses them as their trademark. Dad jam-packed his abode beside imagery of game birds. They showed up in my quarters on the day of committal.

Birds are symbols of expectancy and freedom. They aren't meant to be held unfree in a enclose.

They navigator us in our journeys toward state and are symbols for the psyche. I hope Dad is free resembling the birds in the sky. He wasn't all set for the gathering near the "bird people", he wasn't primed to fly away until he was ready, but when the bird empire showed up, he accepted them. He became without payment.

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