Bamburi Beach- Kenya Africa

The adjacent sand line northeastern is Bamburi, which has immeasurable hotels, disorderly nightclubs and whatsoever good restaurants. Offshore is the Mombasa Marine Park which has proud underwater life, though it cops a few impureness from commercial enterprise in the state. On land, Bamburi is dominated by the Bamburi Cement Company.

The seaside hotels initiate purely northeastward of the fork relating Links Rd and the chief highway north from Mombasa. There is arm of Barclays financial institution subsequent to light seacoast Hotel.

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The most favorite unexclusive coast is Kenyatta Beach, besides the notorious pirates Disco. Loads of Kenyans come up here, and patch you won't hurried departure the attentions of the shoreline boys and hawkers, it's generally a fun condition when it's labouring. Glass flat-bottom boats to the ocean park charge in the region of Kshs 3,000 per watercraft (negotiable) for a 2 ½ unit of time trip, not together with a park fees.

Beach Sights, goings-on & attractions

Founded in the 1950's to manoeuvre chromatic limestone, the concrete Company were a derelict ugliness until the building of this effective tangled of make-up trails and wildlife sanctuaries at Baobab dangerous undertaking. It was a colossal undertaking, involving transfer in loads of dirt earlier anything could even be planted.

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The fundamental draw is Haller Park, which includes a wildlife sanctuary, crocodilian farm, fish farm, and reptile tract and drive-through giraffe bipinnatifid. Giraffes are fed at 11 am and 3pm; hippos at 4pm. You can also group provincial prominence Owen, a babe-in-arms hippo orphaned by the 2004 tsunami who was brought present to find and hit the head-lines acknowledgement to his out of character relationship with the park's 100 period old giant tortoise.

Also present are the Bamburi Forest Trails, a web of walk-to and sport trails through reforested concrete workings with a lepidopterous insect tent displaying various shore taxonomic category and a veranda to fence in the old. North of the important concrete manufacturing works is Nguuni Wildlife Sanctuary, wherever herds of ostriches, elands and Oryxes are farmed. Tours present essential be reserved in advance.

The various surround of the Baobab Adventure are all right signposted from the road northwestern from Mombasa and have marked bus cards.

Accommodation in Mombasa Bamburi beach

Budget and Midrange Beach Hotels

There are no monetary fund choices here at all, but groups in pernickety can insight quite a lot of sound billet for a fairish terms.

Bamburi Beach resort

This sort out miniscule hard has steer accession to the formation and a prime of glamorous bamboo-finished hotel flat and same occupation rooms (with outdoorsy kitchens). There is a nice shore advance bar beside a big ungroomed makuti hair style. Prices of semi-detached in Mombasa Bamburi geological formation hotel are from US$ 20-90

Accommodation in Mombasa Bamburi beach


While the flat are conscientiously liveable, the high spot of this itsy-bitsy German owned formation is the big thatched foyer restaurant (mains Kshs 420-700), which resembles a moldy campaign lodge clogged with a large job lot of Africana. The formation is 100m onwards the merged. Prices of advance in Mombasa Fontana seaside resort hotel are from d low season/high period. Kshs 2,500/3,000

Accommodation in Mombasa Bamburi beach

Camper's Haven and Jamboree

A spacious a bit unsmooth inhabitation crushed on the sand. The 4 causal agency tents are Ksh1500; liberty prices contain repast in low period and partially piece of wood in flooding period of time. If you're curious where gala comes into, dawdle until the evening-with discotheque nights Wednesday to Sunday and district stars the Utamaduni circle musical performance all Sunday afternoon, peace and peace isn't higher on the agenda! Camping fees of studio in Mombasa camper's haven include, campsites per tent Kshs 500,

Accommodation in Mombasa Bamburi beach

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