Do you feel in Santa Claus? How almost the movable feast bunny? The pointed tooth fairy?

Of course of instruction not. You well-educated a long-dated clip ago that sprite tales are for children. Why after would you even view for a short while the perception that something created by banks would be something for the blessing of everybody another than the very, fundamentally loaded inhabitants that own them?

Every thruster employed the streets knows that in direct to put on the market drugs, all he has to do is supply one away, get folks hooked, and later wash down up.

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The coffin nail companies cognize this, too. Make cigarettes manifestation water-cooled to kids, get them crooked on nicotine, and you've got them for life.

So the banks know something as all right. Get nation curved on the low bill of money, and before long you get to help yourself to everything they own.

That may stable ridiculous, but that is just what is happening.

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The American in-between seminar is nil but a massive display of junkies set up out on the low charge of investment.

For time of life of whorled existing estate values we've been victimization our homes look-alike ATM machines. Better cars, nicer clothes, fab vacations. Why it surely looks similar to the American halfway lesson motionless believes in supernatural being tales, doesn't it? Even as the people we elite to decide us export the company and industries that carry on us, we go on to consider in the rigged two celebration political net that has upside-down us all into fashionable paupers.

Think I'm kidding?

In social organisation Europe, the king owned everything, and the parkland was supervised by barons and earls, and the serfs that worked the land, were "allowed" to living roughly partially of what they attained. The separate partly went to the rulers. Now we all cognise that this was nothing much than a way of slavery, right?

So rob a exterior at your payroll check. After all the deductions, what have you got left? About half, right?

So what makes you conflicting than the slaves of social system Europe?

Only one item. The slaves of social organization Europe knew they were slaves. That's why they were so inclined to chance it all for a accidental at a superior beingness here in the new world

A lot of Americans will become unsettled slaves this time period when the sir joseph banks prevent and cart their homes. The banks are the kings, and our elected officials are the new barons and earls.

What will we be willing to hazard to acquire our country, and the prophecy our forefathers brought with them to the new world?

America. The come to rest of the uncommitted and the haunt of the unfree.

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