March is the period to promote! With that in mind, present are 31 distance you can mechanical phenomenon Small Press Month, one for all day of March. Time to get started!

Mar 1 - If you do not have decent author's copies on hand, contact your business firm and demand more so they come in ample instance to chase these remaining tips for the period of the calendar month.

Mar 2 - Contact some other breakaway published authors in your territory (through provincial associations you may belong to) and mingle your treasures to to the full abuse the opportunities during this time period. There's a lot to do, and 4 safekeeping are a cut above than two.

Mar 3 - Contact your local bookstores and advise they proposal discounts on Small Press books. Bring in yours and submission it to them at a deduction to get them started. Show them the part of this calendar as a way of indicating your seriousness to fashioning their case proud. Offer to walk off a discharged spare next to them on next to a income folio.

Mar 4 - Contact your regional the media and enlighten them of Small Press Month (in satchel they don't cognise roughly it). Suggest they pen a littler piece or trial calendar for Small Press dealings in the area, particularly the ones you bolted on March 3rd. Tell them you will be causation them a estate product on the 5th.

Mar 5 - Send a estate of the realm unfetter to the local media (newspapers, radio, tv) mentioning Small Press Month and your singly published photo album. (If you locked several events on March 3, comment them in the unshackle.

Mar 6 - Follow-up on your clutch unfetter from mean solar day beside the area media via handset. Reiterate Small Press Month, your intentional trial in the community, and your Small Press journal. Offer to put together a re-evaluation that they can use as a keystone. (Less work for them).

Mar 7 - If you haven't yet published your book, present is the day to open. Go to for the prospective in sticker album publishing today.

Mar 8 - Contact your district libraries and recommend they characteristic Small Press titles, plus yours. Offer to start out a free bootleg near them, on next to a sales leaf. Your discharged author's center generates your sales sheet mechanically if you have published near Outskirts Press. You can even cash it and word it front.

Mar 9 - If you haven't yet dispatched out assessment copies for book, now is the time. The freed Outskirts Press author's halfway has many transcript reviewers timetabled in the Author Resources section, in stock no event wherever you have published your manuscript.

Mar 10 - Contact area schools in your country and put in the picture them about Small Press Month. Mention that you are a area published author and hold out to speak up to their house in the region of how to effect their dreams of beingness published. This is markedly effective if you have a children's digest you can later go after the association.

Mar 11 - Contact local universities and colleges. Same notion as solar day - boost yourself and your autograph album by sharing your experience of how to create a journal and get it published. Sell copies of your work in the vertebrae of the legroom.

Mar 12 - Schedule a seminar or tele-seminar on "How to Write and Publish a Book" and donate a "Small Press Month" price reduction on the incoming fee. Send out a local report escape about your social order.

Mar 13 - Contact another sales transmission al fresco of the bookstall that may be expected to market your newspaper. This may consist of websites bound up to your book's topic, grant stores, arms stores, mart stores, boutiques, etc. Look at your stamp album and ask yourself where on earth your readers may be purchasing.

Mar 14 - Contact local art studios, logo boutiques, or other pocketable nonsymbiotic businesses in your realm. Give them the possibleness to helping in co-op on whichever packaging initiatives (plus, if applicable, proposal to doings both actions in their venues).

Mar 15 - Join with otherwise alone published authors and put together a cooperative advertising in the area media, victimisation any dollars barred from regional businesses you support next to on the 14th. In postscript to simply promoting your book, support your upcoming events, so ethnic group verify up at them. The remaining authors can team up in the events, which may pb the bookstores to be more interested in planning it (even on such momentary mind).

Mar 16 - Contact all the local energy producers in your borough. The Outskirts Press author's central makes it easy, with at large interaction gossip in your district country.

Mar 17 - Think St. Paddy's day imaginings. Then sort confident your online encyclopaedia is all it can be.

Mar 18 - Contact the starring reporters astir Small Press Month. They're apt to create up thing if plenty authors association them, and you will privation to be among the piles of info they have received:

THE NEW YORK TIMES: 229 W 43rd Street, New York NY 10036-3959 (212) 556-1234

USA TODAY: 1000 Wilson Blvd, Arlington VA 22209-3901 (703) 276-3400 and 535 Madison Avenue, 20th Fl, New York NY 10022-4212 (212) 715-5410

WALL STREET JOURNAL: 200 Liberty Street, New York NY 10281-1003 (212) 416-2000

WASHINGTON POST: 1150 15th Street NW, Washington DC 20071-0002 (202) 334-6000

Mar 19 - Contact your regional communal halfway and keep informed them of Small Press Month. If you have deepened a band of local authors, this will be more than affective. Schedule an impromptu event, celebrating Small Press books.

Mar 20 - This may be the calendar month to control on one's own publishers if you have published elsewhere. Is your retail price tag too high? Is your net profit too low? Is your author's duplicate price tag too high? Compare and prevention by using this unhampered pricing machine at

Mar 21 - Join a Yahoo Group dyed-in-the-wool to the daily trade, which includes campaign for inscription articles in piece of writing as healed as contacts for promoting your manuscript. Send a empty email to:

Mar 22 - Register for the Outskirts Press tele-seminars on "Signature Book Signing Tactics" from inside your freed author's midway by signing up at

Mar 23 - Contact the Learning Annex (or as well themed Adult Education Program) in your strip and bestow to initiate a order on the question of your sticker album. As a published author, you are competent to instruct on your topic since you are an trained. Your content may even be sought after reading for all student!

Mar 24 Start message online reviews. Write reviews for every photograph album you have of all time read. Mention that you are the writer of your photo album at the support of each denote reappraisal. If ancestors similar to the words variety of your review, they may look into your book, particularly if you dash off reviews for books inside the aforesaid sort as yours.

Mar 25 - Contact the general public libraries in all situation and approach your responsibility near Small Press Month. Send them news active your wedding album. Here's a link that will get you started:

Mar 26 - Start preparing for April (National Poetry Month), particularly if you have a measure of poetry you have published.

Mar 27 - Help different writers you cognise get published and acquire a 10% commission for the referral after their work of fiction is published. Register for the heady Outskirts Press associate program at

Mar 28 - Start a journal and save it active and current. Register it with diary directories so others move into reading it and participating. There are lots web log programs to activity you get started. Conduct a dig out on Google for the one that building complex for you.

Mar 29 - Submit your published passage to the Google Base listings. It's purge.

Mar 30 Publish a "Large Print" printing of your periodical. With the world's demographics budding older, "large print" editions are decorous more and more than fashionable. Featuring 14 or 16 spike fonts, these editions request to the senescent federation because they are easier to read. You've simply longhand the book, now re-publish a new "Large Print" impression to further your gross and lookalike the worth of your mercantilism initiatives. It's assured to get published here.

Mar 31 - Take a body process. It's been a busy, lush calendar month.

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