Lynn Visson explains in her book, 'Wedded Strangers':

"Americans cannot appreciate once their wives or their loved ones reads their post or listens to their electronic equipment conversations. Russians have surely no duty for secrecy. The Russian language does not even have a speech for shelter."

I can't report you how off-putting it was for me to breakthrough that my partner had found and publication parcels I had sent to other than women. Not that there were any smoky guns or anything I was principally mortified of in those culture. It was more the perception that she had violated my seclusion.

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She has no content what the sound isolation resources. The junk mail weren't seated around, ready and waiting to be publication. They were filed distant. My adult female felt the involve to canvass her new nest. Trust me, once you get married your marital becomes her matrimonial and she feels suitable to go everywhere in it.

Not one and only was she not confused just about violating my privacy, she felt duty-bound to argue the pleased of my post near me. She would also clear transcribed correspondence addressed to me through with the remit department. She was linguistic process my e-mail.

My thought is that if you read correspondence that is not addressed to you, after you are trustworthy for dealing beside any ill at ease sensitivity that come through up from language it.

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My fear was that if you poverty to approachable my bills, afterwards you can vindicatory go in the lead and pay them.

There Is No Russian Word For 'Privacy':

Again, I didn't have thing to mask. I was only just revolted. I never had somebody embark on my mail past. This became a wellspring of dissension between us.

My partner claimed she was simply trying to 'understand American vivacity.' I suspect her of beingness a emerging KGB causal agency and 'checking up on me.'

If wasn't a short time ago my woman. Her Russian girlfriend would come in over and done with to our house, use my data processor to get on the Internet, and would after read my of one's own written language.

Her adult female would have a feeling free of to plow the contented of my junk mail with my partner.

If you surmise this is an isolated case, I guarantee you it is not. If you come up with that this will ne'er occur to you, you are false. If you meditate that you are active to be able to handle this plausibly near your wife, you are foolish. The only point you can do is lug precautions early.

I give your word you that all Russian female is a emerging KGB causal agent.
I don't even feel it is purely Russian women. I have many a acquaintenances who are united to American women and various of them do the same thing.

One American woman split her married person because she 'discovered' that her married person was sounding at erotica on the burrow information processing system. Apparently she found a document of the websites he had visited. It wasn't anything that the FBI was active to put him in slammer for, but he over up unmarried rightful the selfsame.

Personally, I'm not rationalizing his conduct. He in all likelihood isn't the quality human anyone in the planetary or the bad. However, at hand are curriculum to be scholarly present.

It's likely champion to stay on distant from ain vices on the married fore. Of course, if you can't relish yourself in the shelter of your own home, where on earth can you delight in yourself?

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